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Recent Posts

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Setting the standard for Wisconsin-Grown Hemp

It Grows In The Family

Meet HPA

YouBetcha! is our Wisconsin grown brand of hemp products.

Oils, Topicals, Bath Items, Smoking Blends, Hemp Flower

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Our Mission

1.Set a high-hemp standard

We have a lofty goal to be the top hemp producer in the state of Wisconsin, and we want to get there helping others, sharing knowledge, and innovating how hemp can replace many aspects of industries currently harming the planet; (plastic, textiles, construction, fuel, nutrition, prosthetics, paper, and more).

2. Save Family Farms

When we think of Wisconsin we think of family farms. However, Wisconsin leads the nation in farm bankruptcies. The hemp industry is here and thriving and there is enough to go around. Which is why we offer consulting, clones, and seeds for small farm owners looking to learn about or convert some or all of their land to hemp.

3. Grow Sustainable Hemp and Communities

We believe that the planet and the quality of human life comes before the all-mighty dollar, and we are dedicated to helping others by any means possible. We source products, consulting, and professional opinions locally and want to work with processors and manufacturing companies looking to transition and incorporate hemp and hemp-derived products in their processes.

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