Soothing Oils

Try our featured product, soothing CBD oil. It comes in three different potencies 875 mg, 1140 mg, and 2925 mg.

Don't know which potency level is right for you? Here's a basic idea of the differences and guideline for how to choose:

875 mg - Low potency with approximately 20mg per dropper, this level is great for beginners, young people, or those looking to maintain general wellness with a low-dose option that will build slowly in your system and help regulate homeostasis.

1140 mg - Medium potency with approximately 40mg per dropper, this level is suited for anyone looking to take the edge off after a stressful day, or those experiencing mild to mid -range levels of discomfort.

2925 mg - High potency with approximately 100mg per dropper, our strongest oil may help anyone suffering from chronic issues and high levels of discomfort.

We suggest keeping track of your daily intake for 2-4 weeks, how it affects you, and any differences you feel in that period of time. This information will help you adjust the dosage to fit your individual needs and metabolism, as everyone is different. 


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